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The following article clearly exemplifies Brent Liddle's expertise in guiding and interpretation. The article was written by David Webb for the publication named, The Lowdown.

Here is a quote from the article.

Liddle knows all ofthe best trails in the park — a smattering of its “untold mountain ridges to explore.” From memory, he lists hikes such as Alsek Trail, which holds spectacular glacial features and remnants of historical flooding. Cottonwood Trail to Goat Creek, a short hike that can continue to a four-night, 88-km epic if one so desires, as well as gentle St. Elias Lake Trail — perfect for families — also make the cut. Liddle’s springtime choices are Sheep Creek East and West, which offer sightings of Dall sheep with their newborn lambs, as well as the obligatory predators — wolves, eagles and bears — milling about in the mix.

“A grizzly was here,” Liddle points out...

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